Date (JST): Mar 04, 2015 - Mar 06, 2015,
Title: Special Lecture by Prof. Yasunori Nomura @ Lecture Hall
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Remarks: Title: Quantum Gravity---From Black Holes to the Multiverse

Abstract: Recent progresses in quantum gravity are revealing surprising natures of spacetime and gravity, beyond what we can learn from quantum field theory in curved spacetime. I will describe these new developments, especially focusing on physics of black holes and the multiverse. In particular, I will discuss the interior spacetime of a black hole in the context of the information/firewall paradox and the complementarity hypothesis. I will also discuss the measure problem in the eternally inflating multiverse, presenting a framework that allows us to treat the multiverse in a consistent, fully quantum mechanical manner. The resulting picture leads to a revolutionary change of our view of spacetime, and provides complete unification of the eternally inflating multiverse and the many worlds interpretation in quantum mechanics.