Date (JST): Aug 29, 2016 - Aug 31, 2016,
Title: Lectures on Cosmology with Planck at IPMU
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Remarks: Venue: Seminar room A

1. 8/29 11:00-12:30, The homogeneous Universe and the generation of small perturbation
2. 8/30 09:15-10:45, Evolution of fluctuations in the Universe and CMB anisotropies
3. 8/30 11:00-12:30, The Planck satellite experiment
4. 8/31 09:15-10:45, The Planck data processing
5. 8/31 11:00-12:30, Polarization analysis. Planck and future missions

The Cosmic microwave Background (CMB) radiation is a wonderful tool to constrain the physics of the primordial Universe, as the small fluctuations and the polarization are the result of the small metric fluctuations generated during the first fraction of second after the Big-Bang. The Planck satellite of ESA observed the CMB between 2009 and 2012 and allowed to measure parameters of the standard cosmological model with unprecedented accuracy. The analysis of CMB data such as Planck data, and in particular of the polarization measurements, is difficult and challenging, as it requires controlling many spurious signal and measurement artefacts. In this set of lectures we will provide an overview of the Planck measurement analysis. The first two lectures will be devoted to the standard model of cosmology and CMB physics, as well as an introduction on CMB observations. We will then describe the Planck observations, the instrument, the systematic effects and their analysis, and the astrophysical foreground problem. We will derive conclusions for the next generation of satellite experiments.

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