Date (JST): Jul 03, 2019
Title: Cryogenics and applied superconducting technologies to probe the physics of early universe
URL: //
Remarks: Dates: 2019 July 3rd
Time: 12:00-16:00
Venue: Lecture Hall, Kavli IPMU
Organizer; Prof. H. Ohsaki, Prof. Y. Terao (Shinryouiki), Prof. T. Matsumura (kavli IPMU)

This symposium aims to introduce the cryogenic/applied superconductivity related hardware and system developments for LiteBIRD and related CMB telescopes to the community.

List of speakers (tentative)
Introduction of this symposium (Chair of the applied superconductivity symposium)
CMB science and cryogenic and applied superconductivity technologies (T. Matsumura, Kavli IPMU)
Polarization modulator using the superconducting magnetic bearing (Y. Sakurai, Kavli IPMU)
Estimation of the energy loss in the superconducting magnetic bearing (H. Ohsaki/Y. Terao, UTokyo)
Superconducting detector for inflation probe (A. Suzuki, LBNL)

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