IPMU Colloquium

Speaker: Piet Hut (IAS/ELSI)
Title: Beyond Thermodynamics: the Physics of Matter, Life, and Intelligence
Date (JST): Tue, May 12, 2015, 15:30 - 17:00
Place: Lecture Hall
Related File: 1439.pdf
Abstract: The laws of thermodynamics have a paradoxical status: they can be seen as emergent properties and yet they also strike us as fundamental in that they provide constraints on other physical laws. This paradox can be seen as a pointer to future theories in physics dealing with the flow of information in autonomous agents, such as biological organisms in general, and in intelligent agents like us (and soon also like robots) that can use their intelligence to reflect on all these questions. We don't yet know what such a future `infodynamics' will look like, but we can already start exploring its contours.
Seminar Video: [VIDEO]