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Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the UniverseWPI

IPMU Seminar

Date: April 30 (Wednesday), 2008, 15:30 - 17:30
Place: Room 633, 6th floor, Research Centers Building, Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo.
Speaker: Kentaro Hori (Univ. of Toronto)
Title: Phases of N=2 theories in 1+1 dimensions with boundary
Abstract: This is an introduction to my recent paper (with Manfred Herbst and David Page) of 265 pages. We find a simple and transparent description of D-branes over a large region of the moduli space which includes geometric as well as non-geometric regimes. I believe that this will eventually provide useful tools in construction of models of particle physics and cosmology. This work also has mathematical aspects, and is in fact motivated by recent development in homological algebra. Our work provides a unified picture to "equivalences of categories" that had been found during the last decade.