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Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the UniverseWPI

IPMU Mathematics and Physics seminar in Kashiwa

Date: July 3, 2008, 15:30 - 17:00
Place: Seminar Room at IPMU Prefab. B, Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo
Speaker: Yuji Sano (IPMU)
Title: On multiplier ideal sheaves on toric Fano manifolds.
Abstract: In the existence problem of Kahler-Einstein metrics on compact Kahler manifolds, the case of Fano manifolds is still open. It is conjectured that the existence of canonical Kahler metrics including KE metrics would be equivalent to stability of manifold in the sense of Geometric Invariant Theory. Multiplier ideal sheaves (MIS) can be considered as a tool to describe the bubbling off set in the continuity method/Kahler-Ricci flow and it is expected that MIS would be related to stability of manifolds. In this talk, I would like to discuss the support of MIS induced from the continuity method on toric Fano manifolds. This talk will be based on a part of the joint work with Akito Futaki.