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Institute for the Physics and Mathematics of the UniverseWPI

Math.-String seminar

Date: December 3, 2008, 15:30 - 17:00
Place: Seminar Room at IPMU Prefab. B, Kashiwa Campus of the University of Tokyo
Speaker: Yuji Okawa (University of Tokyo)
Title: "The boundary state from open string fields" [PDF]
Abstract: It is expected that there is a correspondence between boundary conformal field theories and solutions of open string field theory. It has been, however, difficult to extract information on the boundary CFT from the solution. We construct a class of BRST-invariant closed string states from open string fields and claim that they coincide with the boundary state of the boundary CFT up to a possible BRST-exact term. We explicitly calculate the closed string state for various known analytic solutions and find that it precisely coincides with the boundary state without any BRST-exact term. The talk is based on arXiv:0810.1737 in collaboration with Kiermaier and Zwiebach.