MS Seminar (Mathematics - String Theory)

Speaker: Heeyeon Kim (KIAS)
Title: Exact Partition Functions on RP2 and Orientifolds
Date (JST): Tue, Dec 03, 2013, 13:15 - 14:45
Place: Seminar Room A
Abstract: We consider N=(2,2) gauged linear sigma model(GLSM) on various world-sheet topologies. For the first part of the talk, we review recent works on two-sphere and hemisphere partition function calculations and their relations to the Kahler potential and D-brane central charges respectively. We also review the anomaly inflow mechanism of D-brane/Orientifold world-volume theories.

For the second part of the talk, we discuss the GLSM on real projective plane. We will see that the partition function can be interpreted as the central charge of Orientifold planes, and observe that the Gamma class makes a prominent appearance as in the recent D-brane counterpart. We also repeat the computation for the mirror Landau-Ginzburg theory, which naturally brings out the distinction between O^- and O^+ as a sign between two holonomy sectors on RP^2. Finally, we discuss how these works can be used to settle down subtle physical problems regarding D-brane/Orientifold world-volume spin structures.