ACP Seminar (Astronomy - Cosmology - Particle Physics)

Speaker: Elena Sorokina (Lomonosov Moscow State Univ.)
Title: Non-Hydrogen Supernovae within Extended Envelopes: Light Curve Modeling and Parameter Dependences
Date (JST): Thu, Jan 30, 2014, 13:30 - 14:30
Place: Seminar Room A
Related File: 1125.pdf
Abstract: In order to understand if a bulk of type Ib/c superluminous supernovae (SLSNe) can be explained with a model of explosion inside an extended envelope, we construct several sets of models and calculate their light curves. We vary explosion energy, ejecta and circumstellar matter mass, their distribution along the radius, chemical composition and so on. We explore how a variation of each parameter affects the light curve, and find possible parameter ranges which allow to get light curves similar to those of SLSN.