ACP Seminar (Astronomy - Cosmology - Particle Physics)

Speaker: Haruki Nishino (Kavli IPMU)
Title: CMB B-mode polarization experiments: Recent results from POLARBEAR (and BICEP2)
Date (JST): Thu, Jun 05, 2014, 15:30 - 17:00
Place: ICRR 6F Large seminar room
Related File: 1183.pdf
Abstract: A large number of Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) polarization experiments have been searching for the CMB B-mode polarization signatures, which were produced either in sub-degree scales by gravitational lensing by cosmological large-scale structure or in degree scales by primordial gravitational waves from the epoch of cosmic inflation. Recently, the POLARBEAR experiment at the Atacama desert in Chile detected gravitational lensing with the CMB polarization data alone. I will report the status and the details of the first results from POLARBEAR and explain the prospect of the constraint on the sum of neutrino mass by CMB polarization. Also, I will review the most recent discovery by BICEP2 at the South Pole for the detection of (possible) inflationary gravitational wave B-modes.