Special seminar

Speaker: Jacques Delabrouille (CNRS)
Title: Recent Planck results and the future of CMB observations
Date (JST): Wed, Oct 29, 2014, 16:30 - 18:00
Place: Lecture Hall
Abstract: Originally designed essentially as the "ultimate" CMB temperature anisotropy mission, with as a main objective the scientific exploitation of the measurement of the CMB temperature anisotropy power spectrum, the ESA Planck space mission has also provided a number of other results of high scientific interest, both for cosmology and for astrophysical science. In particular, it has recently provided new insights in the understanding of the properties of polarised emission from the galactic interstellar medium, a result of high scienitific interest for the interpretation of the detection of B-modes of polarisation at 150 GHz by the BICEP2 experiment. In this seminar, I will review the recent results of the Planck mission and its implications for the future of CMB observations.