MS Seminar (Mathematics - String Theory)

Speaker: Taizan Watari (Kavli IPMU)
Title: Holography for Hadron Scattering in the Regge Kinematics
Date (JST): Thu, Mar 19, 2015, 12:20 - 13:30
Place: Seminar Room B
Abstract: Low-energy physics of hadron can be studied by lattice QCD and/or effective Lagrangian. Perturbative QCD, on the other hand, takes care of sufficiently inclusive observables in high-energy hard scattering. Great deal of other kinds of observables in hadron high-energy scattering, however, have remained virtually untouched due to the absence of appropriate theoretical tools to make sense out of them. In this seminar, we would like to discuss an attempt at using holography to study qualitative aspects in such hadron scattering processes.

Prior to the ordinary 1 hour seminar, we provide a brief (20min) review of PDF and its generalizations: how thay are characterized in the language of QCD, and how they can be measured by or relevant to experiments.

The 1 hour seminar begins with a review of the work of Polchinski--Strassler hep-th/0209211 and Brower Polchinski Strassler Tan hep-th/0603115.
In order to study Deeply Virtual Compton Scattering process, from which generalized parton distribution (GPD) can be extracted, one needs to generalize the formalism of Brower We will discuss in this seminar how the formalism is generalized and how the GPD model from holography helps clarify ideas on GPD phenomenological fit.

This seminar is based on arXiv:1408.6365 and arXiv:1105.2999.