Special APEC seminar

Speaker: Tomohiro Fujita (Stanford U)
Title: The new relationship between inflation and gravitational waves
Date (JST): Tue, Mar 21, 2017, 12:00 - 13:00
Place: Seminar Room A
Abstract: It is well known that the amplitude of the gravitational wave (GW) produced from the vacuum fluctuation during inflation is proportional to the energy scale of inflation. Thus the observation of the inflationary GW is expected to reveal the energy scale of new physics as well as pin down the inflation model. However, alternative production mechanisms of GW during inflation has been discussed recently. Considering observed GW may have an alternative nature, the detection of the primordial GW does not necessarily fix the inflation scale. I will discuss the model, how to distinguish the alternative GW from the conventional vacuum one, and the detectability of its key signature for an upcoming CMB and interferometer experiments.