APEC Seminar (Astronomy - Particle Physics - Experimental Physics - Cosmology)

Speaker: Iason Baldes (Brussels U)
Title: Dark matter in the time of supercooled confinement
Date (JST): Wed, Feb 10, 2021, 14:00 - 15:00
Place: Zoom
Related File: 2635.pdf
Abstract: A strongly-coupled sector can feature a supercooled confinement transition in the early universe. We point out that, when fundamental quanta of the strong sector are swept into expanding bubbles of the confined phase, the distance between them is large compared to the confinement scale. We suggest a modelling of the subsequent dynamics, showing that the composite dark matter relic density is affected by many orders of magnitude. We explore the case where DM communicates with the standard model through a light dilaton, which is associated with a supercooled confining phase transition. We show the entire range of confinement scales consistent with this scenario can be tested by searches for gravitational waves by a combination of the LISA and ET interferometers.