ACP Seminar (Astronomy - Cosmology - Particle Physics)

Speaker: Shigeki Matsumoto (Toyama University)
Title: CDMS II result and Light Higgs Boson Scenario of the MSSM
Date (JST): Fri, May 21, 2010, 10:30 - 12:00
Place: Lecture Hall
Related File: 267.pdf
Abstract: The CDMS Collaboration has reported two candidate events for
dark matter. If the events are due to the elastic scattering of dark
matter, the dark matter would be a WIMP dark matter with its mass of the
order of 10-100GeV and its scattering cross section with a nucleon is
about 10^-43 cm^2. In this talk, I will show you that such a dark matter
is properly realized as a neutralino dark matter in the light higgs
boson scenario of the MSSM. The lightest higgs boson mass can be lighter
than 114.4GeV in the scenario because of a suppressed interaction
between higgs boson and Z bosons. As a result, a large scattering cross
section between the dark matter and ordinary matter is obtained.