Special Seminar

Speaker: Ryu Makiya (ASIAA)
Title: Testing the cosmological dust formation model by deep submillimetre galaxy surveys
Date (JST): Wed, Feb 02, 2022, 13:00 - 14:00
Place: Zoom
Abstract: It has been known that the galaxy formation simulations tend to underpredict the number density of bright submillimeter galaxies (SMGs). The key physics is the formation of interstellar dust, since total amount of dust and its size distribution determines the attenuation and re-radiation of stellar light. To explore the dust properties of SMGs, we combine the physical dust evolution model of Hirashita and Murga (2020) with the semi-analytic galaxy formation model nu2GC (Makiya et al 2016; Shirakata et al. 2019).In this talk we will discuss the evolution of dust properties along with the cosmological galaxy formation and it's effects on the observed SMGs properties.