IPMU/ICRR/ILANCE joint seminar

Speaker: Naoko Kurahashi Neilson (Drexel University)
Title: Neutrino Astronomy with IceCube at the Earth's South Pole
Date (JST): Wed, Oct 12, 2022, 15:30 - 17:30
Place: Hybrid
Related File: 2839.pdf
Abstract: The Universe has been studied using light since the dawn of astronomy, when starlight captured the human eye. IceCube observes the universe in a different way, using high-energy neutrinos. Neutrinos are a necessary messenger in high-energy astronomy, and this talk will focus on resolving cosmic sources of astrophysical neutrinos. Most of the source search analyses rely on correlating with GeV gamma-rays, but no discoveries have been made to date, except for one strong evidence of a possible correlation. My talk will summarize the various source searches in IceCube, compare them to the observed diffuse cosmic flux of neutrinos, and argue on the need for multi-messenger astronomy beyond GeV gamma-rays in an attempt to draw a coherent picture that is the state of neutrino astronomy.
Remarks: The joint seminar will be held by Zoom and at Kavli IPMU lecture hall.