MS Seminar (Mathematics - String Theory)

Speaker: Rene Meyer (Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg)
Title: Symmetry-Resolved Entanglement in AdS & BCFT"
Date (JST): Tue, Sep 19, 2023, 13:30 - 15:00
Place: Seminar Room A
Abstract: I will discuss recent new examples providing new links between quantum information, holography and quantum gravity: I will first introduce a refinement of the usual entanglement entropy for theories with global conserved charges, the so-called symmetry resolved entanglement entropy, and discuss its implementation in AdS3/CFT2 (2012.11274, 2108.09210). I will in particular discuss the structure of entanglement in different charge sectors, which turns out trivial in theories with U(1) Kac-Moody symmetry. This property is called equipartition of entanglement. I will then discuss how W3 symmetric CFTs (2202.11111) break this equipartition property. Finally, I will present recent work (2212.09767) which employs boundary conformal field theory techniques to obtain exact results for the symmetry-resolved entanglement and in particular for the equipartition property in U(1) Kac-Moody symmetric CFTs.