Astro lunch seminar

Speaker: Masao Hayashi (NAOJ)
Title: Star formation activity in and around high-z clusters revealed with Subaru
Date (JST): Mon, Jan 28, 2013, 12:00 - 13:00
Place: Seminar Room A
Related File: 868.pdf
Abstract: Galaxies in the local Universe show bimodal properties; massive, red quiescent galaxies with a bulge-dominated morphology tend to be located in galaxy clusters, while blue star-forming galaxies with a disk are preferentially found in general fields. To understand how the properties are formed, it is effective to go back to high redshifts when galaxies are vigorously growing and then investigate the properties of galaxy.
With such a motivation, we are performing an unbiased survey of star-forming galaxies in and around clusters at z>1.5 by wide-field narrow-band imaging with Subaru. We have succeeded in revealing a large scale structure around the clusters and active star formation occurred even in the cluster core at z>1.5 in contrast with clusters at lower redshifts. We can say that we witness the site where galaxies which are likely to grow to be massive quiescent galaxies in a local cluster are still in evolutional phase.
I would like to talk about star formation activity in and around high-z clusters revealed with Subaru, and our plan to expand the study further with HSC and PFS.