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Fabian Koehlinger
Benjamin Joachimi
Marika Asgari
Massimo Viola
Shahab Joudaki
Tilman Troester,
"A Bayesian quantification of consistency in correlated datasets",
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arXiv:1809.01406 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0145,


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Ann. Sci. Ec. Norm. Super. to appear, date of acceptance 2018.12.18,
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Seyed Morteza Hosseini, Itamar Yaakov, Alberto Zaffaroni,
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arXiv:1808.06626 [hep-th] IPMU18-0133,
Satoshi Kondo and Taizan Watari,
"String-theory Realization of Modular Forms for Elliptic Curves with Complex Multiplication",
Commun. Math. Phys. to be determined, date of acceptance 2018.10.12,
arXiv:1801.07464 [hep-th] IPMU18-0019
J. K. Zhao
G. Zhao
W. Aoki
M. N. Ishigaki
et al. ,
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Eric Cotner
Alexander Kusenko
Volodymyr Takhistov,
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arXiv:1801.03321 [hep-ph] IPMU18-0008,
V.P. Arkhipova
M. Parthasarathy
N.P. Ikonnikova
M. Ishigaki
S. Hubrig
G. Sarkar
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arXiv:1809.03756 [astro-ph] IPMU19-0009,
Samouil Molcho
Evangelos Routis,
"Localization for Logarithmic Stable Maps",
Transactions of the AMS TBD, date of acceptance 2018.08.29,
Nicolas Guay
Hiraku Nakajima
Curtis Wendlandt,
"Coproduct for Yangians of affine Kac-Moody algebras",
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arXiv:1701.05288 [math] IPMU18-0153,
Yuko Ikkatai, Euan McKay and Hiromi M. Yokoyama,
"Science created by crowds: a case study of science crowdfunding in Japan",
JCOM 17(03), A06, 2018, date of acceptance 2018.08.06,
Stark, David V.; Bundy, Kevin A.; Westfall, Kyle; Bershady, Matt; Weijmans, Anne-Marie; Masters, Karen L.; Kruk, Sandor; Brinchmann, Jarle; Soler, Juan; Abraham, Roberto; Cheung, Edmond; Bizyaev, Dmitry; Drory, Niv; Lopes, Alexandre Roman; Law, David R.,
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arXiv:1807.11503 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0097,
W. Aoki
T. Matsuno
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M. N. Ishigaki
et al. ,
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arXiv:1807.11628 [astro-ph] IPMU19-0011,
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Seyed Morteza Hosseini, Kiril Hristov, Alberto Zaffaroni,
"A note on the entropy of rotating BPS AdS(7) x S**4 black holes",
JHEP JHEP 05 (2018) 121, date of acceptance 2018.05.01,
arXiv:1803.07568 [hep-th] IPMU18-0049,
"Descendants of the first stars: the distinct chemical signature of second generation stars",
MNRAS 478, 1795 (2018), date of acceptance 2018.04.25,
arXiv:1801.05044 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0024,
Yuki Moritani
Takafumi Kawano
Sho Chimasu
Akiko Kawachi
Hiromitsu Takahashi
Jumpei Takata
Alex C Carciofi ,
"Orbital solution leading to an acceptable interpretation for the enigmatic gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057",
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arXiv:1804.03831 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0137,
Hao-Ning He
Alexander Kusenko
Shigehiro Nagataki
Yi-Zhong Fan
Da-Ming Wei,
"Neutrinos from Choked Jets Accompanied by Type-II Supernovae",
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arXiv:1803.07478 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0167
Ting-Wen Lan
Brice Menard
Dalya Baron et al ,
"On the limitations of statistical absorption studies with the Sloan Digital Sky Surveys I-III",
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arXiv:1802.01824 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0090,
C. Hagedorn
R.N. Mohapatra
E. Molinaro
C.C. Nishi
S.T. Petcov,
"CP Violation in the Lepton Sector and Implications for Leptogenesis",
Int. J. Mod. Phys. A 33,1842006(2018), date of acceptance 2018.02.28,
arXiv:1711.02866 [hep-ph] IPMU17-0159
M. N. Ishigaki
N. Tominaga
C. Kobayashi
K. Nomoto,
"The Initial Mass Function of the First Stars Inferred from Extremely Metal-poor Stars",
Astrophys. J. 857, 46(2018), date of acceptance 2018.02.23,
arXiv:1801.07763 [astro-ph] IPMU19-0012,
J. T. Penedo
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"TeV-scale Seesaw and the CP Violation in Neutrino Oscillations",
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arXiv:1712.09922 [hep-ph] IPMU17-0186
Ryoma Murata
Takahiro Nishimichi
Masahiro Takada
Hiironao Miyatake
Masato Shirasaki
Surhud More
Ryuichi Takahashi
Ken Osato,
"Constraints on the mass-richness relation and its scatter from the abundance and weak lensing of SDSS clusters",
Astrophys. J. 854, 120 (2018), date of acceptance 2018.01.23,
arXiv:1707.01907 [astro-ph] IPMU17-0095,
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Astrophys. J. Lett. in press, date of acceptance 2018.01.22,
arXiv:1801.07072 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0021,
Peter Cox
Chengcheng Han
Tsutomu T. Yanagida,
"Right-handed Neutrino Dark Matter in a U(1) Extension of the Standard Model",
JCAP 01, 029 (2018), date of acceptance 2018.01.01,
arXiv:1710.01585 [hep-ph] IPMU17-0138,


Ivan Marchenko
Igor Marchenko
Andrey Zhiglo,
"Enhanced diffusion with abnormal temperature dependence in underdamped space-periodic systems subject to time-periodic driving",
Phys.Rev.E vol.97, 012121(2018), date of acceptance 2017.12.26,
Pu Cao
Chen Jiang,
"Torsion exceptional sheaves on weak del Pezzo surfaces of Type A",
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arXiv:1605.01280 [math] IPMU16-0066,
Peter Cox
Chengcheng Han
Tsutomu T. Yanagida,
"LHC Search for Right-handed Neutrinos in Z' Models",
JHEP 01, 037 (2018), date of acceptance 2017.12.20,
arXiv:1707.04532 [hep-ph] IPMU17-0098,
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"ALMA Twenty-six arcmin^2 Survey of GOODS-S at One-millimeter (ASAGAO): X-ray AGN Properties of Millimeter-Selected Galaxies",
Astrophys. J. in press, date of acceptance 2017.12.09,
arXiv:1712.03350 [astro-ph] IPMU17-0174,
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Astrophys. J. Lett. in press, date of acceptance 2017.12.04,
arXiv:1712.01283 [astro-ph] IPMU17-0176,
Alessandro Sonnenfeld,
"On the Choice of Lens Density Profile in Time Delay Cosmography",
MNRAS 474, 4648 (2018), date of acceptance 2017.11.29,
arXiv:1710.05925 [astro-ph] IPMU18-0004
J. T. Penedo
S. T. Petcov
A. V. Titov,
"Neutrino Mixing and Leptonic CP Violation from S_4 Flavour and Generalised CP Symmetries ",
JHEP 12,022(2017), date of acceptance 2017.11.22,
arXiv:1705. [hep-ph] IPMU17-0057
Yasunori Nomura
Taizan Watari
Masahito Yamazaki,
"Pure Natural Inflation",
Phys. Lett. B TBA, date of acceptance 2017.11.21,
arXiv:1706.08522 [hep-ph] IPMU17-0092
Popov S.B.
Mereghetti S.
Blinnikov S.I.
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Alexander Kusenko,
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David V. Stark, Kevin A. Bundy, Matthew E. Orr, Philip F. Hopkins, Kyle Westfall, Matthew Bershady, Cheng Li, Dmitry Bizyaev, Karen L. Masters, Anne-Marie Weijmans, Daniel Thomas, Renbin Yan, Kai Zhang, Niv Drory,
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Peter Cox
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Ting-Wen Lan
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Alessandro Sonnenfeld
James H. H. Chan
Yiping Shu
Anupreeta More
Masamune Oguri
Sherry H. Suyu
Kenneth C. Wong
Chien-Hsiu Lee
Jean Coupon
Atsunori Yonehara
Adam S. Bolton
Anton T. Jaelani
Masayuki Tanaka
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