Special Seminar

Speaker: Moshe Rozali (U. British Columbia)
Title: Holographic topological insulators and superconductors
Date (JST): Thu, Dec 12, 2013, 15:30 - 16:45
Place: Seminar Room B
Related File: 1099.pdf
Abstract: Recent developments in condensed matter theory have focused on a new class of topological materials, which can be insulators, superconductors or metallic. One consequence of the topological nature of such materials is the existence of gapless edge states with dissipationless transport. Since most of the discussion has focused on free or weakly interacting fermions, it is of inherent interest to apply holographic tools to generalize the discussion to interacting systems. I describe two such attempts to build a model of "fractional" topological insulators, and to discover a holographic topological superconductor and its associated Majorana edge modes. I conclude with describing some of the many directions for future research.