IPMU Colloquium

Speaker: Robin Rinze Kooistra (Kavli IPMU)
Title: Probing heating with the Lyman Alpha forest (Posdoc Colloquium)
Date (JST): Fri, Oct 30, 2020, 15:00 - 15:30
Place: Zoom
Related File: 2588.pdf
Abstract: The Lyman alpha forest is one of the best probes of the neutral hydrogen gas on large scales at high redshift (z ~ 2-3). Recently, the Lyman alpha forest has been used to generate 3D tomographic maps of the large-scale absorption field in surveys such as CLAMATO. Using multiple cosmological hydrodynamical simulations, we explore the potential of adopting such data sets for constraining the thermal and ionization properties of the gas through the distribution of Lyman alpha transmission as a function of reconstructed dark-matter density. I will show that this can potentially be used as a direct probe of preheating in proto-clusters, as well as help put constraints on the various models of galaxy and AGN feedback.
Remarks: IPMU Postdoc Colloquium Series 7
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