GTM seminar

Speaker: Ryo Yamagishi (Kavli IPMU)
Title: Moduli of G-constellations and crepant resolutions for abelian groups
Date (JST): Thu, Feb 04, 2021, 15:30 - 17:00
Place: Zoom
Related File: 2624.pdf
Abstract: For a finite subgroup G of SL(n), a moduli space of G-constellations is a generalized notion of the G-Hilbert scheme and it gives a natural candidate for a crepant resolution of the quotient singularity C^n/G. Whether or not every crepant resolution X of C^n/G (n≧3) is obtained as such a moduli space is an open problem and is solved only in the case of projective resolutions X of dim 3 with G abelian by Craw and Ishii. In this talk I will discuss this problem for abelian G and give a condition for X to be a moduli space in terms of families of G-constellations on X.