ACP Seminar (Astronomy - Cosmology - Particle Physics)

Speaker: Chunshan Lin (IPMU)
Title: A Matter Bounce By Means of Ghost Condensation
Date (JST): Thu, Oct 27, 2011, 13:30 - 14:30
Place: Seminar Room A
Related File: 522.pdf
Abstract: In this talk, we will simply introduce the ghost condensation theory and its application on cosmology. We will mainly focus on the realization of matter bounce scenario by means of ghost condensation. We found that by assuming the existence of a scalar field which undergoes "ghost condensation" and which has a suitably chosen potential, it is possible to obtain a non-singular bouncing cosmology in the presence of regular matter and radiation. Cosmological fluctuations on long wavelengths relevant to current cosmological observations pass through the bounce unaffected by the new physics which yields the bounce.