ACP Seminar (Astronomy - Cosmology - Particle Physics)

Speaker: Eung Jin Chun (KIAS)
Title: LHC Phenomenology of Type II Seesaw
Date (JST): Wed, Oct 10, 2012, 13:30 - 14:30
Place: Seminar Room A
Related File: 782.pdf
Abstract: The type II seesaw mechanism introduces a Higgs triplet to explain the observed neutrino masses and mixing. As a result, the model predicts a peculiar signature of a doubly charged Higgs boson decaying to di-leptons which is one of the interesting search channels at the LHC as it can tell us about the neutrino mass pattern.
In this talk, I will discuss some of the recent developments in the field including the latest CMS result, a novel same-sign tetra-lepton signal coming from the triplet-antitriplet oscillation, and modifications to the standard Higgs properties induced by the presence of the Higgs triplet.