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VCI 2019, Vienna, Austria
(2019.02.20, Vienna, Austria)
Alexandre Kozlov "Detectors for Dark Matter search at KamLAND"
"素粒子物理・原子核物理分野の「大型施設計画・大規模研究計画マスタープラン」に関するシンポジウム Public symposium: Large Facility Large Scale Research Project Master Plan on particle physics and nuclear physics"
(2019.02.19, 日本学術会議 Science Council of Japan)
Hitoshi Murayama "ILC"
HPNP workshop
(2019.02.18 - 2019.02.22, Osaka university)
Han, Chengcheng "Quintessence Saves Higgs Instability "
Cornel Physics Colloquium
(2019.02.18, Cornel University)
Hirosi Ooguri "Constraints on Quantum Gravity"
Geometry and Everything, Fukaya 60
(2019.02.17 - 2019.02.22, Kyoto University)
Hiraku Nakajima "Coulomb branches of quiver gauge theories and Kac-Moody Lie algebras"
Geometry and Everything, Fukaya 60
(2019.02.17 - 2019.02.22, Kyoto University)
Kentaro Hori "Seiberg duality and its consequences"
ICEPP symposium
(2019.02.16 - 2019.02.19, Hakuba, Nagano, Japan)
Shigeki Matsumoto "A strategy to develop particle physics based on dark matter searches"
2019 YITP Asian-Pacific Winter School and Workshop on Gravitation and Cosmology
(2019.02.11 - 2019.02.15, YITP)
Shi Pi "Gravitational Waves Induced by Non-Gaussian Scalar Perturbations"
CERN Winter School
(2019.02.04 - 2019.02.08, CERN)
Hirosi Ooguri "Constraints on Quantum Gravity 1-4"
Subaru Users Meeting FY2018
(2019.01.29, National Astronomical Observatory of Japan)
Naoyuki Tamura "PFS -- Next facility instrument of Subaru's troika has started coming"
Subaru Users' Meeting FY2018
(2019.01.28 - 2019.01.30, NAOJ, Tokyo, Japan)
Kenneth Wong "Strong Lensing Science from the Hyper Suprime-Cam SSP"
Geoflow January 2019 Meeting
(2019.01.28, Stanford University, California, USA)
Yasunori Nomura "Black Hole Soft Modes and Entanglement"
World Premier Research in Japan
(2019.01.24 - 2019.01.25, UC Berkeley & Stanford Univ)
Hitoshi Murayama "Kavli IPMU"
Testing Gravity 2019
(2019.01.23 - 2019.01.26, Vancouver, Canada)
Misao Sasaki "Primordial Black holes from Inflation and Gravitational Waves"
Cosmology - The Next Decade
(2019.01.22 - 2019.01.25, ICTS, Bangalore, India)
Kenneth Wong "Cosmology With Time-Delay Strong Lensing"
10th DTA symposium "Stellar deaths and their diversity"
(2019.01.21 - 2019.01.23, NAOJ)
Shing-Chi Leung "Interpretation of Type Ia supernova explosion diversity by its nucleosynthesis yield"
Geometry, Topology and Physics Seminar
(2019.01.16 - 2019.01.30, New York University Abu Dhabi)
Alexander A. Voronov "Classical and Quantum Master Equations"
EAO Subaru Science Workshop 2019
(2019.01.16 - 2019.01.18, KASI)
Miho N. Ishigaki "Chemical abundance patterns in the Milky Way halo stars as constraints on the element production in the early Universe"
Frobenius action in Commutative algebra: Recent Developments
(2019.01.16 - 2019.01.18, University of Barcelona)
Yusuke Nakajima "On Frobenius push-forward of Hibi rings"
East Asian Observatory Science Workshop 2019
(2019.01.16, Korea Astronomy and Space Science Institute)
Naoyuki Tamura "Subaru Primfe Focus Spectrograph -- Overview, current status, and future perspectives"
RIKKYO MathPhys 2019
(2019.01.12 - 2019.01.13, Rikkyo University, Ikebukuro Campus)
Yutaka Yoshida "Equivariant U(n) Verlinde algebra from Bethe/Gauge correspondence"
(2019.01.11, YITP, Kyoto, Japan)
Gabi Zafrir "Compactifications of 6d N=(1,0) SCFTs with non-trivial Stiefel-Whitney classes"
(2019.01.10, JAXA)
Hitoshi Murayama "LiteBIRDの期待される科学的成果と発展性"
Kei symposium
(2019.01.09 - 2019.01.10, Tsukuba U. (Tokyo campus))
Shigeki Matsumoto "Direct and indirect dark matter detections of Thermal dark matter."
Berkeley Week
(2019.01.08 - 2019.01.11, IPMU)
Peter Cox "Flavoured B-L: RH neutrino dark matter and B-decays"
Berkeley week
(2019.01.08 - 2019.01.11, Kavli IPMU, Japan)
Rodrigo Alonso "Gravity’s instantons and ultralight dark matter"
Kavli IPMU - ICEPP Joint Workshop
(2019.01.07, University of Tokyo, Tokyo, Japan)
Takeo Higuchi "Flavor physics: Belle II Experiment"
Joint Kavli IPMU - ICEPP Workshop on Future Directions for HEP
(2019.01.07, Hongo)
Satoshi Shirai "How to exploit the available LHC data"
KEK CMBグループ 2018年度 年始発表会
(2019.01.07, KEK)
Daisuke Kaneko "PB2a stimulatorとFar sidelobeと私"


Annual meeting of ICCM
(2018.12.27 - 2018.12.29, National Taiwan University)
Chen Jiang "Noether inequality for algebraic threefolds"
SCGP Weekly Talk
(2018.12.18, Simons Center for Geometry and Physics)
Hiraku Nakajima "Vertex algebras in 4 dimensional theories"
Character varieties and topological quantum field theories
(2018.12.17 - 2018.12.20, University of Auckland, New Zealand)
Francesco Sala "2d Cohomological Hall algebra of a curve"
(2018.12.13, Institute of physics (IOP), VAST, Ha Noi, Viet Nam)
Satoshi Shirai "Phenomenological consequences of the (refined) swampland conjecture"
9th Symposium on Large TPC for Low-Energy Rare Events
(2018.12.12 - 2018.12.15, Paris, France)
Serguey T. Petcov "Neutrino: Theoretical Aspects"
the PFS collaboration meeting in 2018
(2018.12.11, 上海交通大学)
Hitoshi Murayama "PFS collaboration updates"
10th PFS collaboration meeting
(2018.12.10 - 2018.12.14, Shanghai Jiao Tong University)
Ryu Makiya "Detailes of the PFS forecast"
Second International Workshop on Particles, Gravitation and the Universe (PGU 2018)
(2018.12.10, Vietnam national space centre (VNSC), Ha Noi, Vietnam)
Yasunori Nomura "Quantum Mechanics of an Evaporating Black Hole"
Algebraic Geometry seminar
(2018.12.07, Kyoto University)
Yusuke Nakajima "McKay-type correspondence for three dimensional Gorenstein toric singularities"
Workshop on Quantum Information and the Structure of Spacetime
(2018.12.04, Institute for Advanced Study)
Hirosi Ooguri "Symmetry in Quantum Field Theory and Gravity"
Singularity theory seminar
(2018.12.03, Nihon University)
Yusuke Nakajima "McKay-type correspondence for three dimensional Gorenstein toric singularities"
Stellar Archaeology as a Time Machine to the First Stars
(2018.12.03 - 2018.12.07, IPMU)
Miho N. Ishigaki "The initial mass function of the first stars inferred from elemental abundances in extremely metal-poor stars"
D-modules, Quantum geometry and related topics
(2018.12.03 - 2018.12.07, RIMS, Kyoto)
Hiraku Nakajima "Wild Hitchin moduli spaces"
Stellar Archaeology as a Time Machine to the First Stars
(2018.12.03 - 2018.12.07, Kavli IPMU, The University of Tokyo)
Shing-Chi Leung "Nucleosynthesis yield of primordial supernovae by bipolar jet-induced explosion"
IBS colloquium
(2018.12.03, IBS )
Hitoshi Murayama "When a Symmetry Breaks"
D-modules, Quantum Geometry and related topics
(2018.12.03 - 2018.12.07, RIMS)
Yukinobu Toda "Birational geometry for d-critical loci and wall-crossing in derived categories"
Higgs Couplings 2018
(2018.11.30, Ryogoku, Tokyo, Japan)
Yasunori Nomura "Basic Questions of High Energy Physics"
EDGE - Edinburgh Hodge Institute
(2018.11.27, University of Edinburgh, UK)
Francesco Sala "2d Cohomological Hall algebra of a curve"
Higgs couplings
(2018.11.26 - 2018.11.30, Ryogoku, Tokyo)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Review for DM (including Higgs portal DM)"
the 150th Anniversary of Japan-Sweden Diplomatic Relations
(2018.11.26, The Beijer Hall, The Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences)
Hitoshi Murayama "New Windows to the Universe - a view onto the dark side of the Cosmos"
Categorical and Analytic Invariants in Algebraic Geometry VI
(2018.11.26 - 2018.11.30, Hokkaido University)
Yukinobu Toda "Semiorthogonal decompositions under d-critical flips"
International Symposium on Cosmology and Particle Astrophysics (CosPA 2018)
(2018.11.22, Yangzhou, China)
Misao Sasaki "Inflationary Scenario for PBHs as CDM"
AG seminar
(2018.11.19, Fudan University)
Chen Jiang "Volumes and alpha-invariants of K-semistable Q-Fano varieties"
Workshop on McKay correspondence and noncommutative algebra
(2018.11.16 - 2018.11.17, Nagoya University)
Yusuke Nakajima "Representation theory of three dimensional Gorenstein toric singularities"
CAI Seminar
(2018.11.13, The University of Queensland)
Shin'ichiro Takeda "Development of Si/CdTe semiconductor Compton cameras for gamma-ray imaging"
AG seminar
(2018.11.12, Shanghai Normal University)
Chen Jiang "Noether inequality for algebraic 3-folds"
(2018.11.12 - 2018.11.16, Shanghai Science Hall)
Miho N. Ishigaki "Galactic Archaeology with the Prime Focus Spectrograph (PFS)"
CEPC Workshop
(2018.11.12, 北京IHEP)
Hitoshi Murayama "ILC/CLIC"
Hamburg Colloquium
(2018.11.11, DESY)
Hirosi Ooguri "Constraints on Quantum Gravity"
Non-commutative deformatiosn and moduli spaces
(2018.11.11 - 2018.11.23, Kavli IPMU, Japan)
Yukinobu Toda "Birational geometry for d-critical loci and wall-crossing in derived categories"
(2018.11.06, Neve Shalom, Israel)
Gabi Zafrir "Compactifications of 6d N = (1, 0) SCFTs with non-trivial Stiefel-Whitney classes"
International Conference on Operad Theory and Related Topics
(2018.11.05 - 2018.11.09, Anhui University, Hefei, Anhui, China)
Alexander A. Voronov "Algebras over operads and BV-algebras"
Beijing Algebraic Geometry Colloquium
(2018.11.03, BICMR, Peking University)
Chen Jiang "Anti-canonical geometry of Fano 3-folds"
Hong Kong Geometry Colloquium
(2018.11.03, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology)
Francesco Sala "Topology of moduli spaces via representation theory "
Workshop on Birational Geometry and Related Topics
(2018.11.01 - 2018.11.10, SCMS, Fudan University)
Chen Jiang "Anti-canonical geometry of Fano 3-folds"
Infinite dimensional algebras, geometry and integrable systems
(2018.11.01 - 2018.11.06, RIMS, Kyoto)
Hiraku Nakajima "Introduction to Coulomb branches of 3d N=4 SUSY gauge theories, without affine Grassmannian"
International Workshop on Next Generation Nucleon Decay and Neutrino Detectors (NNN18)
(2018.11.01 - 2018.11.03, Vancouver, Canada)
Masayuki Nakahata "NNN2018 Summary"
Flavor Physics Workshop 2018
(2018.10.30 - 2018.11.02, Kavli IPMU)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Future projects (Theory)"
GRT: Geometric Satake and Beyond
(2018.10.29, Tsinghua Sanya International Mathematics Forum)
Hiraku Nakajima "Towards geometric Satake correspondence for Kac-Moody algebras"
The 4th CosKASI-ICG-NAOC-YITP Joint Workshop on Frontier of Cosmology
(2018.10.29, NAOC, Beijing, China)
Misao Sasaki "Primordial Black Holes as CDM"
Statistical Inference
(2018.10.25, Institut Henri Poincaré, Paris, France)
Eiichiro Komatsu "How to do the 3x2pt analysis of SZ and galaxies"
IV International Conference on Particle Physics and Astrophysics (ICPPA'18)
(2018.10.24, Moscow, Russia)
Dmitry Chernyak "Search for neutrinoless double beta decay with the KamLAND-Zen experiment"
ICPPA 2018
(2018.10.24, Moscow, Russia)
Alexandre Kozlov "The Dark Matter search at KamLAND"
Algebraic Geometry in East Asia 2018
(2018.10.23 - 2018.10.26, Institute of Mathematics, Vietnam Academy of Science and Technology)
Chen Jiang "Noether inequality for algebraic threefolds"
Workshop on high-energy implications of flavor anomalies
(2018.10.22 - 2018.10.24, CERN, Switzerland)
Peter Cox "Gauged Flavour Symmetries and Z' for b->sll"
Kinosaki Algebraic Geometry Symposium 2018
(2018.10.22 - 2018.10.26, Kinosaki International Art Center)
Hiraku Nakajima "Coulomb branches of 3d SUSY gauge theories"
Vertex 2018
(2018.10.21 - 2018.10.26, Chennai, India)
Takeo Higuchi "The Belle II Silicon Vertex Detector"
Double Beta Decay and Undergraound Science (DBD18)
(2018.10.20, Hilton Waikoloa Village)
Hitoshi Murayama "Neutrino/Cosmology "
"Massively Parallel Large Area Spectroscopy from Space" Workshop
(2018.10.19, Caltech, USA)
Khee-Gan Lee "Mapping the z~2-3 IGM with Optical Spectroscopy on Keck and Subaru"
Non-Perturbative Effects in Supersymmetric Field Theories
(2018.10.15 - 2018.11.02, IIP, Natal, Brazil)
Gabi Zafrir "Compactifications of 6d N = (1, 0) SCFTs with non-trivial Stiefel-Whitney classes"
Quantum Sensing for Searches of DM and Neutrino Physics
(2018.10.15 - 2018.10.16, Padua, Italy)
Serguey T. Petcov "Review of Neutrino Parameters"
Moduli spaces and varieties in Shanghai
(2018.10.15, Fudan University)
Yukinobu Toda "Birational geometry for d-critical loci and wall-crossing in derived categories"
(2018.10.10, University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus)
Gabi Zafrir "D-type Conformal Matter and SU/USp Quivers"
SNR Workshop 2018
(2018.10.09 - 2018.10.10, Nogoya University, Japan)
Hideaki Matsumura "Detection of molecular clouds associate with the mixed-morphology supernova remnant G166.0+4.3 "
2018 HEP-QIS Meeting
(2018.10.04, University of California, Berkeley, California, USA)
Yasunori Nomura "Holography for General Spacetimes and Tensor Networks"
ASIAA Colloquium
(2018.10.03, ASIAA, Taipei, Taiwan)
Misao Sasaki "gravitational wave cosmology"
Beyond the BSM
(2018.10.01 - 2018.10.04, Ikaho, Japan)
Peter Cox "Muon g-2 and Dark Matter in the MSSM"
Beyond the BSM
(2018.10.01 - 2018.10.04, Ikaho, Japan)
Rodrigo Alonso "Clockwork as a solution to the flavour puzzle"
Yamabe Memorial Symposium: Moduli Spaces in Algebraic Geometry
(2018.09.28 - 2019.09.30, University of Minnesota)
Yukinobu Toda "Birational geometry for d-critical loci and wall-crossing in derived categories"
Cosmology Frontier in Particle Physics
(2018.09.27, NTU, Taiwan)
Misao Sasaki "Scalaron as a heavy field and PBH formation"
Chile-Japan Academic Forum 2018 in Nikko
(2018.09.26 - 2018.09.27, Nikko, Japan)
Masahiro Takada "Precision Cosmology with Subaru HSC and PFS"
New Trends in High Energy Physics 2018
(2018.09.25, Budva,Montenegro)
Alexandre Kozlov "Search for the neutrinoless double beta decay of Xenon-136 and Dark Matter at KamLAND"
(2018.09.25, Okayama University)
Yuji Tachikawa "場の量子論の場の量子論による場の量子論のための数学"
Algebraic Surfaces and Related Topics
(2018.09.24 - 2018.09.28, Xiamen University)
Chen Jiang "Alpha invariants of minimal surfaces and applications to birational geometry of 3-folds"
AEPSHEP school
(2018.09.21, the ICISE in Quy Nhon)
Hitoshi Murayama "Cosmology and Dark Matter"
日本天文学会 2018 年秋季年会
(2018.09.21, University of Hyogo)
Naoyuki Tamura "SuMIRe-PFS[11]-プロジェクト概要と装置開発進捗状況まとめ 2018 年秋季"
Towards the European Coordination of the CMB Programme
(2018.09.20, Villa Finaly, Florence, Italy)
Eiichiro Komatsu "Gravitational waves from inflation"
日本天文学会 2018年秋季年会
(2018.09.20, University of Hyogo)
Daisuke Kaneko "CMB 偏光観測実験 POLARBEAR-2 の 開発状況 "
The 51st Symposium on Ring Theory and Representation Theory
(2018.09.19 - 2018.09.22, Okayama University of Science)
Yusuke Nakajima "Finite dimensional algebras arising from dimer models and their derived equivalences"
IGM2018: Revealing Cosmology and Reionization History with the Intergalactic Medium
(2018.09.19, Kavli IPMU, Japan)
Khee-Gan Lee "Exploring the z~2-3 Cosmic Web with 3D Lyman-alpha forest Absorption Tomography"
Recent Developments in Gauge Theory and String Theory
(2018.09.18 - 2018.09.20, Keio University, Tokyo, Japan)
Gabi Zafrir "D-type Conformal Matter and SU/USp Quivers"
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