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SNe & GRBs at low z & in the Era of Reionization
(2008.05.23 - 2008.05.29, Darjeeling, India)
Nozomu Tominaga "Gamma-Ray Bursts & Extremely Metal-poor Stars: Supernovae with Relativistic Jets"
Seminar at U Tokyo (Hongo)
Fuminobu Takahashi "A Solution to the Strong CP problem and the anthropic principle"
Seminar at Inst. Astron, U. Tokyo
(2008.05.22, Mitaka)
Keiichi Maeda "Properties of Supernovae in Vidual Light"
Cosmology Near and Far: Science with WFMOS
(2008.05.19 - 2008.05.21, Kona, Hawaii, US)
Masahiro Takada "Cosmological limits on neutrino mass"
Caltech Annual Seminar Day
(2008.05.17, Pasadena, California)
Hirosi Ooguri "Black Holes and the Fate of Determinism"
Japan-France joint workshop on Cosmology of the Early Universe
(2008.05.16 - 2008.05.18, Nikko)
Fuminobu Takahashi "The Anthropic Solution to the Strong CP problem"
Continuous Advances in QCD (CAQCD08)
(2008.05.15 - 2008.05.18, University of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA)
Shigeki Sugimoto "Properties of Baryons from D-branes and Instantons"
Workshop for Novae and Supernovae
(2008.05.15, U. Tokyo (Komaba))
Keiichi Maeda "Observational Aspects of Supernovae and Evidences for Asphericity"
Japan-France joint workshop on Cosmology of the Early Universe
Shinji Mukohyama "Brane inflation in string cosmology"
Seminar at Chuo University
Shinji Mukohyama "Brane inflation in string cosmology"
Seminar at Hokkaido University
(2008.04.25 - 2009.04.25)
Shinji Mukohyama "Ghost condensation and cosmology"
Seminar at Hokkaido University
Shinji Mukohyama "String theory and cosmology"
Seminar at IPMU
(2008.04.23, IPMU)
Chuan-Ren Chen "Direct and indirect search for signals of the littlest Higgs model with T-parity at colliders"
Korean Physics Society Meeting
(2008.04.17, Daejeon, Korea)
Masahiro Takada "Gravitational Lensing and Dark Matter and Dark Energy"
6th DECIGO Workshop
(2008.04.16, NAOJ)
Fuminobu Takahashi "Gravity waves as a probe of the gravitino mass"
Focus Week on Quantum Gravity and Holography
(2008.04.02 - 2008.04.06, IPMU)
Hirosi Ooguri "Constraints on Quantum Gravity"
30 Years of Mathematical Methods in High Energy Physics
(2008.03.17 - 2008.03.19, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University)
Hirosi Ooguri "New Anomalies in Topological String Theory"
KEK Cosmo Group Inaugural Conference ¡ÈAccelerators in the Universe¡É
(2008.03.12 - 2008.03.14, KEK)
Fuminobu Takahashi "Gravitino and Inflation"
SNAP Science Meeting
(2008.02.08, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory )
Keiichi Maeda "Late-Time Spectroscopy of Core-Collapse and Thermonuclear Supernovae"
Seminar at LBNL
(2008.02.05, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory )
Keiichi Maeda "Explosion Natures of Type Ia Supernovae - A personal view of semi-theorists/observers "
Subaru Users Meeting 2007
(2008.01.30 - 2008.01.31, NAOJ)
Keiichi Maeda "Supernovae are not spherical: The result from late-time spectroscopy by FOCAS"
GRB Conference 2007
(2008.01.21 - 2008.01.23, Tokyo Tech. U. )
Keiichi Maeda "Properties of Supernovae and a Link to GRBs as Probed by Subaru/FOCAS"


ICRR Theory Group Workshop
(2007.12.10 - 2008.12.11, ICRR)
Fuminobu Takahashi "Inflaton decay in supergravity and the new gravitino problem"
Progress of Quantum Field Theory and String Theory
(2007.12.07 - 2007.12.10, Osaka City University)
Hirosi Ooguri "Meta-stable vacua in perturbed Seiberg-Witten theory, revisited"
East Asian Conference on Algebraic Topology
(2007.11.05, Seoul National University)
Toshitake Kohno "Loop spaces of configuration spaces and link homotopy invariants"
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