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Analysis on Manifolds with Symmetries and Related Structures.
(2016.06.28 - 2016.06.29, Bath, UK)
Toshiyuki Kobayashi "Global Geometry and Analysis on Locally Symmetric Spaces with Indefinite-metric"
The Extreme Universe: from Compact Objects to Cosmology
(2016.06.28 - 2016.06.30, The University of Hong Kong)
Leung Shing Chi "The Collapse Conditions of Oxygen-Neon White Dwarfs in the Accretion Induced Collapse Scenario"
Understanding the First Results form LHC Run II
(2016.06.27 - 2016.07.22, Mainz University)
Michihisa TAKEUCHI "di-photon from QCD bound states"
SPIE Astronomical Telescopes and Instrumentation
(2016.06.26 - 2016.07.01, Edinburgh International Conference Centre)
Naoyuki Tamura "Prime Focus Spectrograph for the Subaru Telescope: overview, recent progress, and future perspectives"
(2016.06.26 - 2016.07.01, University of Glasgow, UK)
Hitoshi Murayama " Studying the birth and the fate of the Universe"
Neutrinos and Light Particles in Cosmology
(2016.06.22 - 2016.06.24, UC Berkeley, USA)
Masahiro Takada "Neutrinos from lensing surveys I (invited)"
Neutrinos and Light Particles in Cosmology
(2016.06.22 - 2016.06.24, UCBerkeley, California, USA)
Hitoshi Murayama "Introduction Neutrino s and Cosmology"
Kyoto Mirror Symmetry seminar
(2016.06.17, University of Kyoto)
Will Donovan "General 3-fold flops and perverse sheaves of categories"
Darboux seminar
(2016.06.17 - 2016.07.17, IHP)
Artan Sheshmani "Donaldson Thomas theory, Modular forms, and S-duality conjecture."
Math-Physics seminar
(2016.06.17 - 2016.07.17, IHES)
Artan Sheshmani "Nested Hilbert schemes and local DT theories"
New perspective on theory and observation of large-scale structure
(2016.06.16, YITP, Kyoto University)
Masahiro Takada "Cosmic Covariance 2.5:1"
ULTIMATE-Subaru science workshop
(2016.06.16 - 2016.06.17, NAOJ Mitaka)
Naoyuki Tamura & Kiyoto Yabe "ULTIMATE & PFS"
Kyoto Algebraic Geometry seminar
(2016.06.10, University of Kyoto)
Will Donovan "Contractions and deformations"
Journees SL2R
(2016.06.09 - 2016.06.10, Metz, France)
Toshiyuki Kobayashi "Branching Problems and Symmetry Breaking Operators"
Euclid Consortium Meeting 2016
(2016.05.30 - 2016.06.03, Lisbon, Portugal)
Masahiro Takada "A proposal/discussion on Subaru HSC Ultra-Wide Survey (for Euclid) (invited)"
The Third International Meeting for Large Neutrino Infrastructures
(2016.05.30 - 2016.05.31, KEK)
Hitoshi Murayama "Neutrinos and cosmology "
(2016.05.30 - 2016.06.01, Kavli IPMU)
Hitoshi Murayama "the future of experimental neutrino physics"
The 1st KEK-KIAS-NCTS Joint Workshop on Particle Physics Phenomenology
(2016.05.26 - 2016.05.28, NCTS, Taiwan)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Current Status and Future Prospects of WIMP Paradigm"
GTM Seminar
(2016.05.26, Kavli IPMU)
Chen Jiang "Boundedness results on Fano varieties"
Cross-correlation Spectacular with LSST: Exploring Synergies Between LSST and External Datasets to Discover Fundamental Physics
(2016.05.22 - 2016.05.25, Brookhaven National Lab & Stony Brook University)
Masahiro Takada "SuMIRe: Subaru imaging and spectroscopic galaxy surveys (invited talk)"
Revealing the history of the universe with underground particle and nuclear research 2016
(2016.05.11 - 2016.05.13, U. Tokyo)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Current Status and Future Prospects of WIMP Paradigm"
Pheno 2016
(2016.05.09 - 2016.05.11, Pittsburgh University, USA)
Hitoshi Murayama "Future Perspectives"
Tokyo-Princeton algebraic geometry conference
(2016.05.08, Princeton University)
Chen Jiang "Binational boundedness of singular log Fano 3-folds"
Caltech Colloquium
(2016.05.05, Caltech)
Hitoshi Murayama "When a Symmetry Breaks"
Theory Special Seminar
(2016.05.04, Bonn University, Germany)
Hitoshi Murayama "Two themes on Goldstone: generalization and dark matte"
Wolfgang Paul Lecture
(2016.05.03, Bonn University)
Hitoshi Murayama "The Quantum Universe"
Beauty 2016
(2016.05.02, Marseille, France)
Hitoshi Murayama "Theory in the LHC era overview and vision"
KIAS Algebraic Seminar
(2016.04.26 - 2016.04.29, KIAS)
Chen Jiang "On boundedness problem of Fano varieties I, II"
Southeastern Regional Mathematical String Theory Meeting
(2016.04.23, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg VA, USA)
Taizan Watari "Heterotic--Type IIA duality and degeneration of K3 surface"
Subaru's synergy with space missions in 2020s
(2016.04.21 - 2016.04.22, NAOJ Mitaka)
Naoyuki Tamura "Subaru's synergy with space missions: From the viewpoint of PFS"
The Interplay Between Local and Global Processes in Galaxies
(2016.04.11 - 2016.04.15, Cozumel, Mexico)
David Stark "Multi-Scale Environmental Influences on Galaxy Gas Content"
Matsue phenomenology workshop
(2016.03.25 - 2016.03.27, Shimane U.)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Heavy Fermion Bound States for Diphoton Excess at 750GeV"
Berkeley Week @ IPMU
(2016.03.22 - 2016.03.25, Kavli IPMU)
Michihisa TAKEUCHI "New physics searches in top yukawa sector"
Differential Topology 16
(2016.03.20 - 2016.03.22, University of Tsukuba)
Tirasan Khandhawit "Stable homotopy invariants for 4-manifolds"
JPS conference
(2016.03.19 - 2016.03.22, Tohoku Gakuin U.)
Shigeki Matsumoto "DM searches @ ILC"
New Developments in Representation Theory
(2016.03.14, Singapore)
Toshiyuki Kobayashi "Symmetry breaking operators for real reductive groups"
Interplay between LHC and Flavor Physics
(2016.03.14 - 2016.03.15, Nagoya University)
Michihisa TAKEUCHI "New physics searches in top yukawa sector"
SnowPAC: The Galaxy-Halo Connection
(2016.03.13 - 2016.03.18, Snowbird, Utah)
Alessandro Sonnenfeld "A strong lensing view of dark matter halos"
Chunichi culture center (Out reach)
(2016.03.12, Chunichi culture center)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Unraveling the mystery of dark matter III"
Nambu Memorial Symposium
(2016.03.11 - 2016.03.13, The University of Chicago,Chicago, USA)
Hitoshi Murayama "Nambu Goldstone bosons, dark pions, and effective operators"
OIST Forum2016
(2016.03.10, Yurakucyo, Tokyo)
Hitoshi Murayama "Genuine innovations come from basic science"
ASIAA/CCMS/IAMS/LeCosPA/NTU-Phys/NTNU-Phys Joint Colloquia
(2016.03.08, Taiwan)
Tsutomu Yanagida "The Origin of Matter in the Universe "
Statistics of Extrema in Large Scale Structure
(2016.03.07 - 2016.03.11, Lorentz Center, Leiden U., Netherlands)
Masahiro Takada "Connecting Halos (peaks) and Galaxies"
Statistics of Extrema in Large-Scale Structure
(2016.03.07 - 2016.03.11, Lorentz Center, Leiden U., Netherlands)
Masahiro Takada "Connecting Halo (peak) and Galaxy"
Homological Mirror Geometry
(2016.03.06 - 2016.03.11, Banff International Research Station, Canada)
Will Donovan "Twists and braids for general 3-fold flops"
LEAP 2016
(2016.03.06 - 2016.03.11, Kanazawa)
Hitoshi Murayama "Dark Pions as Dark Matter"
Seminar at University of Amsterdam
(2016.02.23, University of Amsterdam, Netherlands )
Todor Milanov "Fano orbifold lines and Integrable hierarchies"
Nuclear astrophysics association workshop
(2016.02.22 - 2016.02.24, NAOJ)
Miho N. Ishigaki "Observational views of chemical evolution in the Galaxy (invited)"
F-theory @ 20
(2016.02.22 - 2016.02.26, Caltech, Pasadena, USA)
Taizan Watari "Heterotic String Soliton and Degeneration of K3"
Astrophysics of Dark Matter
(2016.02.22 - 2016.02.26, Sexten center for Astrophysics)
Alessandro Sonnenfeld "The dark matter halos of early-type galaxies: a strong lensing view"
Chunichi culture center (Out reach)
(2016.02.20, Chunichi culture center)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Unraveling the mystery of dark matter II"
Geometry, Representation Theory, and Differential Equations
(2016.02.16 - 2016.02.19, Kyushu University)
Toshiyuki Kobayashi "F-method for Symmetry Breaking Operators, 3"
Topological Recursion and TQFTs
(2016.02.14 - 2016.02.19, Oberwolfach, Germany)
Todor Milanov "Vertex Algebras and the topological recursion for A_N singularity"
Seminar on Dynamical Systems and Number Theory
(2016.02.09, Sofia University)
Todor Milanov "The Riemann--Hilbert problem for Givental's total descendant potential"
Topology and Representation Theory
(2016.02.08 - 2016.02.19, Berkeley, University of California, USA)
Toshiyuki Kobayashi "Branching Problems in Representation Theory of Reductive Lie Groups"
(SAAO seminar)
(2016.02.05 - 2016.02.06, SAAO)
Yuki Moritani "Subaru Prime Focus Spectrograph "
(SAAO colloquium)
(2016.02.04, SAAO)
Yuki Moritani "Revealing the binary interaction in the puzzling gamma-ray binary HESS J0632+057"
Collider study workshop
(2016.01.28, Kavli IPMU)
Michihisa TAKEUCHI "di-photon from top partner bound states"
KEK-PH 2016
(2016.01.28, KEK)
Michihisa TAKEUCHI "FCNC decay in top-specific Variant Axion Model"
Geometry Seminar
(2016.01.26, Nagoya University)
Tirasan Khandhawit "Stable homotopy invariants for 4-manifolds with positive scalar curvature"
Arithmetic and Algebraic Geometry 2016
(2016.01.25 - 2016.01.28, Graduate School of Mathematical Sciences, University of Tokyo)
Dulip Piyaratne "Polarization and stability conditions on a derived equivalent abelian variety"
Subaru Users' Meeting FY2015
(2016.01.19 - 2016.01.21, KKR hotel Atami)
Miho N. Ishigaki "Medium-resolution spectroscopy along the stellar tidal stream Palomar 5"
Subaru User's Meeting FY2015
(2016.01.19 - 2016.01.21, KKR hotel Atami)
Naoyuki Tamura "PFS current status"
Chunichi culture center (Out reach)
(2016.01.18, Chunichi culture center)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Unraveling the mystery of dark matter I"
American Astronomical Society Meeting #227
(2016.01.04 - 2016.01.08, Orlando, USA)
David Stark "The RESOLVE Survey Atomic Gas Census and Environmental Influences on Galaxy Gas Content"


Seminar at LAM
(2015.12.18, Laboratoire d’Astrophysique de Marseille)
Masahiro Takada "SuMIRe (Subaru Measurements of Images and Redshifts)"
PFS Collaboration meeting
(2015.12.16 - 2015.12.18, LAM, Marseille,France)
Hitoshi Murayama "Overview"
Dark Side of the Universe 2015
(2015.12.14 - 2015.12.18, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Feng LUO "Gluino Coannihilation"
(2015.12.14, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics)
Yue-Lin Sming Tsai "Searching for Singlet- Doublet Mixing Majorana DM"
International Year of Light 2017
(2015.12.11, the University of Tokyo)
Hitoshi Murayama "Light and the Universe"
B mode from Space
(2015.12.10 - 2015.12.16, Kavli IPMU (WPI))
Hajime Sugai "Optics Design for LiteBIRD and realization plan"
B mode from Space
(2015.12.10 - 2015.12.16, Kavli IPMU)
Maresuke Shiraishi "Tensor mode bispectrum (invited talk)"
ILC tokusui workshop 2015
(2015.12.08, KEK)
Shigeki Matsumoto "ILC physics overview"
Cosmology and First Light
(2015.12.07 - 2015.12.10, IAP, Paris, France)
Masahiro Takada "Halo bias (invited talk)"
Lecture for Instituto de Cosmologia y Fisica de las Americas
(2015.12.07, The Institute of Cosmology and Physics of the Americas ,Puerto Rico)
Hitoshi Murayama "The Quantum Universe"
Geometry Seminar
(2015.12.07, Department of Mathematics, University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong)
Dulip Piyaratne "Stability conditions and Fourier-Mukai theory on abelian threefolds"
Physics Colloquium (Tohoku U.)
(2015.12.05, Tohoku U.)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Why does not dark matter discovered yet?"
Workshop for Unification and Development of the Neutrino Science Frontier (2015)
(2015.12.01 - 2015.12.03, Yugawara, Kanagawa)
Masahiro Takada "Why does the Universe speed up? - Exhausted study and challenge for the future - (invited talk)"
First stars, first galaxies conference 2015
(2015.11.30 - 2015.12.02, Kusatsu)
Miho N. Ishigaki "Elemental abundances of extremely metal-poor stars as a probe of the first stars (invited)"
Colloquium in The University of Melbourne
(2015.11.24, University of Melbourne)
Tsutomu Yanagida "The Origin of Matter in the Universe "
Algebra-Number Theory Seminar
(2015.11.23, University of Maryland)
Evangelos Routis "Weighted Compactifications of Configuration Spaces"
NAOJ Seminar
(2015.11.20, NAOJ, Mitaka)
Andreas Schulze "The evolution of the mass functions of active SMBHs and their host galaxies out to z~2"
Workshop of Observational Cosmology
(2015.11.18 - 2015.11.20, Kyoto University)
Masahiro Takada "Halo bias, super-survey effects and cosmology (invited)"
Symposium on Representation Theory 2015
(2015.11.17 - 2015.11.20, Izu-Nagaoka, Shizuoka, Japan )
Toshiyuki Kobayashi "Analysis on Non-Riemannian Locally Symmetric Spaces-An Application of Invariant Theory"
Particle Cosmology and beyond 2015
(2015.11.16 - 2015.11.19, Kanazawa)
Shigeki Matsumoto "Towards testing the WIMP paradigm"
NuInt 2015
(2015.11.16 - 2015.11.21, Osaka University Suita Campus)
Christophe Bronner "Generators for the SIS/DIS region"
Categorical and analytic invariants in algebraic geometry II
(2015.11.16 - 2015.11.20, Kavli IPMU)
Will Donovan "Twists and braids for general 3-fold flops"
Tsukuba Uchu Forum
(2015.11.11, Tsukuba University)
Andreas Schulze "The evolution of the mass functions of active supermassive black holes and their host galaxies out to z~2"
(2015.11.11, University of Murcia, Spain)
Amir Babak Aazami "On the principal Ricci curvatures of a Riemannian 3-manifold"
Developments in String Theory and Quantum Field Theory
(2015.11.09 - 2015.11.13, Yukawa Institute for Theoretical Physics, Kyoto University, Kyoto, Japan)
Dongmin Gang "Supersymmetric defects in 3d-3d correspondence"
(2015.11.06, University of Leuven, Belgium)
Amir Babak Aazami "Methods of Lorentzian geometry in Riemannian and Symplectic geometry"
(2015.11.06, Fairmont Chateau Whistler Hotel,Vancouver, Canada)
Hitoshi Murayama "Future Linear Colliders"
(2015.11.06, Asia Pacific Hall,Vancouver, Canada)
Hitoshi Murayama "Doing Big Bang in the Laboratory"
LHC Run 2 Why it Matters
(2015.11.05, UC Berkeley, California, USA)
Hitoshi Murayama "What we expect from the LHC"
(2015.11.02, Oxford University)
Amir Babak Aazami "On the principal Ricci curvatures of a Riemannian 3-manifold"
Quantization of Spectral Curves
(2015.11.01 - 2015.11.04, OCAMI(Osaka City University Advanced Mathematical Institute))
Todor Milanov "Lectures on Topological Recursion in Singularity Theory"
Astrophysics Seminar
(2015.10.28, Ohio University)
Shun Saito "Evolution of Massive Galaxies at z~0.5 in the Baryon Oscillation Spectroscopic Survey (invited)"
Japanese-European Symposium on Symplectic Varieties and Moduli Spaces
(2015.10.26 - 2015.10.30, Kyoto University)
Dulip Piyaratne " Fourier-Mukai theory and stability conditions on abelian varieties"
Moduli spaces in geometry
(2015.10.26 - 2015.10.31, Luminy, France)
Artan Sheshmani "On the proof of S-duality modularity conjecture on quintic threefolds"
TeV Particle Astrophysics (TeVPA-2015)
(2015.10.26 - 2015.10.30, Kashiwa, Japan)
Alexander Kusenko "Summary Talk of TeVPA-2015 conference"
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